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Contact Us

Golden Key Headquarters

If you have a question or comment, please contact our International Headquarters’ Member Services center by phone at 1-800-377-2401 (toll free in US & Canada) or by email at

For all Chapter issues, contact the executive board.

University of Hawaii at Manoa Chapter

Krissen Lee, President (

Mayumi Fernandez, Secretary (

Jessica Cabusog , Co-Treasurer (

Lynn Nguyen, Co-Treasurer (

Diana Holden, Director of Members (

Adam Luchak, Director of Honorary Members (

Caleb Hsu, Co-Director of Involvement and Development (

Miranda Yip, Co-Director of Involvement and Development (

Aiko Murakami, Director of Publicity (

Chloe Delos Reyes, Webmaster (

Ilisa Kea, Graduate Student Liaison (

Michelle Tagorda, Advisor (

Sabrina Fallejo Uganiza, Co-Advisor (

Jenna Caparoso, Graduate Student Advisor (

Sheana Humphries, Graduate Student Advisor (

For all Membership issues, contact Golden Key HQ.

Get in Touch

At Golden Key, we believe in clear, open communication with our members. If you have a question, comment or suggestion, please contact our International Headquarters member services center at 1-800-377-2401 (toll free in US & Canada) or email

If member services is unable to fully assist you, we will ensure that your question is routed to the appropriate staff member within Golden Key  International Honour Society Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, or one of our regional headquarters worldwide.  

International Headquarters (US & Canada)


1040 Crown Pointe Parkway 
Suite 900 
Atlanta, Georgia 30338


Toll Free: 1-800-377-2401


Phone: 678-689-2200


Fax : 678-689-2298



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